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BloggingThis is Blogging for Authors, an example website from a video course.
It’s possible you came here from another way, but you might be a Udemy student and that’s great if you are. Udemy is a smart place to learn almost anything, like my courses for writers.
This course focuses on making blogs at and Blogger. However, the info presented works for all kinds of other platforms including It’s all fairly universal.
As you probably know, millions of people are blogging, but most of them aren’t doing it well. If you’re working on your game, you can easily develop into a better blogger than most of the writers who are doing it.
I believe blogging is one of the smartest things an author can do. Why? Because blogging:

  • gives you a platform for writing about anything.
  • boosts your online presence.
  • has wonderful SEO properties and helps people around the globe find you.
  • becomes a headquarters for all sorts of things like sample chapters, your social media sites, links to your books, links to other sites you may have and so much more.

My opinion is that a blog will benefit any author, and fortunately it can fit into any routine. If you’re concerned that it may take too much time from your writing, have no fear; you don’t have to post each day or even several times per month. This can fit into your schedule even if it sits for months on end. It can still help your writing career immensely.
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