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Featured Author Despina Nicola

Despina NicolaWe’re happy to feature author, Despina Nicola. Despina lives in the beautiful Republic of Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, and she was born in New Zealand (two places on my bucket list). She’s written a practical guide for picking up the pieces and dealing with relationships, work, health and family.

Despina, when did you discover a passion for writing?

I have always had a passion for psychology which led me to do a degree and to also do over 25 courses in life-coaching, and it was then where I discovered my passions for writing.

How has that passion evolved for you?

Now I feel writing and life-coaching have turned into my career even though I run a successful English Institute and am an examiner for various examination boards. These do not give me as much fulfillment as writing. I have a blog which is a platform for my book, Dare to Begin: The book is based on picking up the pieces after a divorce. It goes through various stages one feels after the separation and gives practical steps of healing.

How does your blog assist with your author platform?

My blog gives various tips on how to make different choices or to improve erroneous habits and become unstuck; it’s aimed at helping people live a happy life.

Dare to Begin: The Process of HealingHow often do you post?

The blog is usually updated by two or three posts weekly.

What type of posts do you find most satisfying?

What I find most satisfying about the blog is that I actually have a blog and am able to promote my work. This is an exciting experience.

Despina NicolaDoes anything bug you about it?

What bugs me most about the blog is I still haven’t got the hang of all its functions yet like adding social media buttons, but I am so happy that I can always refer back to Jason Matthews’ course on blogging from Udemy.

Do you feel it’s important to capture emails or subscribers? If so, what’s your preferred method?

I do feel it’s important to get emails and subscribers to your blog so they can follow you along the journey of self-discovery. However,  I am yet to learn the necessary skills of doing so; if I knew how, I would use a payment like PayPal.

Any advice for a newbie blogger?

I feel comments must be first approved by me before being put on the blog because you sometimes cannot be too sure who is writing to you. And if I were to advise a new blogger on how to set up a blog, it would be one thing: buy a course from Jason Matthews before you do anything else and the rest is easy!

Thank you! How can we buy your book?

You can find it on Amazon at: I’ve been helpful.

Very much so. Thank you again, Despina!

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Featured Blog Hands For Good


We’re featuring the blog, Hands for Good, run by Natasha Dickens. Natasha is a registered mental health counselor and financial mentor. Hands for Good helps people eliminate debt, something most of us could use help with.

Natasha, when did you discover a passion for helping others?

I’ve always enjoyed helping others. I remember being 5 years old and saying to my mother that when I grew up, I wanted to be part of the helping profession. I’m excited to see that I’m following my dreams.

How has it turned into a career?

I started blogging about personal experiences and how my husband and I are are taking strides to being debt-free. Several people have seen the website and requested personal assistance with their own finances. So far, I’ve been able to help one customer save $400 and another customer was able to pay over $3,000 in debt in 2 months.

How often do you post?

I currently post once a week.

What type of posts do you find most satisfying?

I enjoy posting about ways people can change their money habits and providing tips on growing their wealth. I enjoy talking about ways we can help the less fortunate and give insight to college students on ways to give.

Natasha, what do you like about your blog?

I love being able to provide tools that I know that work. All of the companies that I reference are the ones that I’ve had personal experience with at some point. I enjoy seeing people thrive and win, especially as it relates to their finances.

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Do you feel it’s important to capture emails or subscribers? If so, what’s your preferred method?

Yes! Just having a website is not enough. Capturing emails helps you target your specific audience and keep them updated on your post and activity of your website. It also provides an easy way to sell items or products.

My website currently requests people to subscribe.

How do you engage comments or attempt to, which can be extremely challenging?

This is currently a challenge for me as a new blogger. I’m open to suggestions. Currently, I ask a question or provide a challenge at the end of some of my post.

Any advice for a newbie blogger?

Natasha DickensBlogging is exciting! Write down your vision and put it somewhere to remind you often of the vision and plans you need to accomplish.

Read blogging books and follow others bloggers so you can sharpen your skills and grow.

Plan ahead. Schedule a day/time to write articles, advertise your site and grow followers.

When or if you become frustrated, take a day or two away from working on your website to get refreshed. Think positive and believe great things will become of your website. You can do this!

Awesome advice, Natasha! What else can you share?

Turn your blog into something you enjoy doing. Don’t let it become a chore. Share your blog with friends and on your social media site. That’s where I first started seeing revenue.

An excellent point. A blog should be something you want to continue doing. I love the fact that your blog can help everyone.

It’s all about eliminating debt, building strong financial futures and helping those in need. If interested in any of the following or started a blog, I can be reached at

Thank you, Natasha! For more information, visit

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Featured Author Victor A. Davis

Victor A. Davis Grains of SandWe’re pleased to feature Victor A. Davis, author of multiple short stories including the Grains of Sand collection. Victor has lived in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas. He has been a short story writer since high school, despite studying mathematics and computers at university. He works freelance in the field of IT, and writes constantly. He now lives in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia.

Victor, I like your covers. Short story authors often need plenty of covers. Who makes them? Up until now I’ve done all my own covers. I’ve only recently started reaching out to professional cover designers to try to find an artist with whom I can establish a long-term relationship. The main reason is economics. A cover for an ordinary book costs the same as for a 20-page, 99-cent short story. It’s hard enough as an indie author to recover your investment on editing, advertising, and art for a normal-priced book. It’s just not possible when marketing individual stories. I really think of them more like illustrations. Each story gets its own illustration, and the collection gets a bona fide cover.

Why did you start blogging? Peer pressure. All I ever wanted to do was write short stories and have people read them and love them. I was naive. Everybody blogs, and it’s the only way for an indie to become recognized enough so that people try to reach out and read your work.

How does your blog assist with your writing goals? Blogging is the only way an indie author can announce to the world that they exist.

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Do you use Blogger, or I use WordPress software on my own site. That is, I use WordPress software but own my own domain:

Mediascover is different: how did you decide on the domain name? I hated it! As soon as I signed up for a hosting account I started trying all the domains I could think of and they were all taken. Those bastards! Finally, I settled on this silly-sounding mashup of the words “media” and “discover” and just decided to live with it. It’s grown on me. What I like about it now is that there’s nobody to compete with. I’m the first hit on google when you google “mediascover” because it’s a unique combination of letters. If I called myself “Victor’s Awesome Blog,” there’s less chance of accomplishing that because each word on its own is used so much out there.

Victor A. Davis The Flying KiteHow often do you post? Every few days.

What do you like about your blog? I like having my own little corner of the internet. It feels not unlike when you move out and get your own apartment for the first time.

What bugs you about it? The nice themes cost money, and you never really know if they’ll work until after you buy them and spend weeks tailor-fitting them. I think mine is a little simplistic, but I’ve invested so much time in setting it up. I’ll probably change it only if I make it big.

Victor, do you feel it’s important to capture emails? I’ve heard it’s important. I just started a mailing list recently and haven’t really spent a lot of time soliciting subscribers yet.

Do you run surveys or take polls? No, I don’t have nearly enough traffic for that.

How do you engage comments or attempt to, which can be so challenging? I don’t. My blog is my space, like a public journal. I am very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. I think of my blog more as a studio than a social medium.

Great to be OK with that approach! It took me ages. Might you create a book from your blog posts? No. My idle thoughts aren’t interesting enough for a book. My biggest two subjects are my short stories and my book reviews.

Victor A. Davis authorAny advice for a newbie blogger? Research until you’re sick of it, then keep researching. You’re joining a conversation, and therefore it’s important to be both aware and engaged with other blogs.

What’s a good link for readers to find your books? Goodreads

Anything else you can share with newbie authors? The name of the game is reciprocity. Nobody will care about what you do until you care about what other people do. Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is a book that helped inspire me to turn up the notch a bit in the blogging arena. If you want reviews, offer reviews. If you want to be read, read other indies. If you want to be famous, connect with other famous bloggers/authors and ask them questions. The writing process has such a “monk” feel, a meditative trance in a dark isolated room. Marketing is the opposite, and you must learn the concepts of the network.

Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you!

See Victor A. Davis books at Amazon:

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Featured Author Ray Jay Perreault

Simpoc by Ray Jay PerreaultToday we’re pleased to featured Ray Jay Perreault, aeronautical engineer, pilot and author of the Simpoc series and Gemini. Ray flew in the US Air Force for 10 years, during which time he flew C-130’s and visited 27 countries. He spent 28 years in a major aerospace firm and worked on some of the best programs including the F-23, F-35, B-2, Global Hawk and many he can’t tell you about!

Ray, do you prefer blogging on Blogger or WordPress?

Just changed over to because it gives me more options.

What’s the URL and how did you decide on it? Just using my name, although in hindsight I could have decided on a better one.

Right, perhaps something related to your subject matter. Either way, not an issue. How long have you had the blog and how often do you post?

My new domain has been functional just a few weeks and I post regularly; at least 5 times a week.

I see posts from March of 2014 and plenty of them since that time. What do you like or dislike the most about your blog?

I enjoy talking about science and technical issues. I enjoy passing on possible Sci-fi plot ideas to others. I don’t have enough time to write the ones I have. So far I don’t have a complaint except it is a challenge.

What have you learned that you can share with a newbie?

Hey. I’ll always consider myself a newbie. When I figure it out; please someone tell me.

How’s your life going as an author?

It is a day to day struggle trying to get my name and work in front of people that might be interested. I enjoy it and that’s why I continue. I know that it takes time and as I publish more work, I seem to be getting more sales.

The book cover is for the first of one of my series that I’m offering free in the hope they’ll continue reading the other books.

What motivates you with Sci-Fi?

I love a hero that has amazing weapons, takes on hundreds of aliens and can survive anything, but I also want to read a situation and be able to relate to it. An extrapolation of what might really happen with a little less stretch in my imagination.

I hope I can bring my real life experiences into my writing so you can appreciate my work.

Sounds good. Thank you for sharing some time. Your books sound fascinating. People can visit your blog at and find your books on Amazon.

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Featured Author Allison Maruska

Allison MaruskaWe’re pleased to feature Allison Maruska from Colorado. Allison is the author The Fourth Descendant and other works. She hosts her blog through

It’s always nice when your full name exists as a custom URL. Did that make your decision easy?

I figured using my name would be the quickest way for my book readers to find me.

How long have you had it and how often do you post?

I’ve had this blog for a little over a year, but I had a Blogger site for a couple years before that. I try to post at least weekly, usually 2 times per week.

What do you like the most about your blog? The least?

Most: I like talking to my readers in my “real” voice. I started the blog as a humor blog, so I weave humor into everything I write, even if the post isn’t specifically a humor post.

Least: Some of my posts are hard to find, but I’ve been working on categorizing them in the menu bar, so that should improve.

What have you learned that you can share with a newbie?

Allison Maruska book coverErr on the side of shorter, if you can. I’ve heard the target word count for a “regular” blog post is 250 – 300 words. Obviously, that can be higher if you’re specializing in something. But see your blog as an opportunity to practice concise writing. Also, set a static landing page.

I like those tips! What’s a good link for readers to find your books?

(Since this blog post came out, Allison has sold over 20,000 copies of The Fourth Descendant and received 500 reviews. Wow!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I reply to all comments, so stop by and chat! Commenting on others’ blogs is a great way to get noticed, too. 😉

Thank you, Allison. Looks like you’re headed it a great direction. Wishing you all the best.

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Starting a Blog for Authors and Newbies

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Blogging for Authors Video Course

BloggingThis is Blogging for Authors, an example website from a video course.
It’s possible you came here from another way, but you might be a Udemy student and that’s great if you are. Udemy is a smart place to learn almost anything, like my courses for writers.
This course focuses on making blogs at and Blogger. However, the info presented works for all kinds of other platforms including It’s all fairly universal.
As you probably know, millions of people are blogging, but most of them aren’t doing it well. If you’re working on your game, you can easily develop into a better blogger than most of the writers who are doing it.
I believe blogging is one of the smartest things an author can do. Why? Because blogging:

  • gives you a platform for writing about anything.
  • boosts your online presence.
  • has wonderful SEO properties and helps people around the globe find you.
  • becomes a headquarters for all sorts of things like sample chapters, your social media sites, links to your books, links to other sites you may have and so much more.

My opinion is that a blog will benefit any author, and fortunately it can fit into any routine. If you’re concerned that it may take too much time from your writing, have no fear; you don’t have to post each day or even several times per month. This can fit into your schedule even if it sits for months on end. It can still help your writing career immensely.
Stay in touch with updates by subscribing to this blog. Thank you.

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