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Featured Author Despina Nicola

Despina NicolaWe’re happy to feature author, Despina Nicola. Despina lives in the beautiful Republic of Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, and she was born in New Zealand (two places on my bucket list). She’s written a practical guide for picking up the pieces and dealing with relationships, work, health and family.

Despina, when did you discover a passion for writing?

I have always had a passion for psychology which led me to do a degree and to also do over 25 courses in life-coaching, and it was then where I discovered my passions for writing.

How has that passion evolved for you?

Now I feel writing and life-coaching have turned into my career even though I run a successful English Institute and am an examiner for various examination boards. These do not give me as much fulfillment as writing. I have a blog which is a platform for my book, Dare to Begin: The book is based on picking up the pieces after a divorce. It goes through various stages one feels after the separation and gives practical steps of healing.

How does your blog assist with your author platform?

My blog gives various tips on how to make different choices or to improve erroneous habits and become unstuck; it’s aimed at helping people live a happy life.

Dare to Begin: The Process of HealingHow often do you post?

The blog is usually updated by two or three posts weekly.

What type of posts do you find most satisfying?

What I find most satisfying about the blog is that I actually have a blog and am able to promote my work. This is an exciting experience.

Despina NicolaDoes anything bug you about it?

What bugs me most about the blog is I still haven’t got the hang of all its functions yet like adding social media buttons, but I am so happy that I can always refer back to Jason Matthews’ course on blogging from Udemy.

Do you feel it’s important to capture emails or subscribers? If so, what’s your preferred method?

I do feel it’s important to get emails and subscribers to your blog so they can follow you along the journey of self-discovery. However,  I am yet to learn the necessary skills of doing so; if I knew how, I would use a payment like PayPal.

Any advice for a newbie blogger?

I feel comments must be first approved by me before being put on the blog because you sometimes cannot be too sure who is writing to you. And if I were to advise a new blogger on how to set up a blog, it would be one thing: buy a course from Jason Matthews before you do anything else and the rest is easy!

Thank you! How can we buy your book?

You can find it on Amazon at: I’ve been helpful.

Very much so. Thank you again, Despina!

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