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Featured Blog Hands For Good


We’re featuring the blog, Hands for Good, run by Natasha Dickens. Natasha is a registered mental health counselor and financial mentor. Hands for Good helps people eliminate debt, something most of us could use help with.

Natasha, when did you discover a passion for helping others?

I’ve always enjoyed helping others. I remember being 5 years old and saying to my mother that when I grew up, I wanted to be part of the helping profession. I’m excited to see that I’m following my dreams.

How has it turned into a career?

I started blogging about personal experiences and how my husband and I are are taking strides to being debt-free. Several people have seen the website and requested personal assistance with their own finances. So far, I’ve been able to help one customer save $400 and another customer was able to pay over $3,000 in debt in 2 months.

How often do you post?

I currently post once a week.

What type of posts do you find most satisfying?

I enjoy posting about ways people can change their money habits and providing tips on growing their wealth. I enjoy talking about ways we can help the less fortunate and give insight to college students on ways to give.

Natasha, what do you like about your blog?

I love being able to provide tools that I know that work. All of the companies that I reference are the ones that I’ve had personal experience with at some point. I enjoy seeing people thrive and win, especially as it relates to their finances.

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Do you feel it’s important to capture emails or subscribers? If so, what’s your preferred method?

Yes! Just having a website is not enough. Capturing emails helps you target your specific audience and keep them updated on your post and activity of your website. It also provides an easy way to sell items or products.

My website currently requests people to subscribe.

How do you engage comments or attempt to, which can be extremely challenging?

This is currently a challenge for me as a new blogger. I’m open to suggestions. Currently, I ask a question or provide a challenge at the end of some of my post.

Any advice for a newbie blogger?

Natasha DickensBlogging is exciting! Write down your vision and put it somewhere to remind you often of the vision and plans you need to accomplish.

Read blogging books and follow others bloggers so you can sharpen your skills and grow.

Plan ahead. Schedule a day/time to write articles, advertise your site and grow followers.

When or if you become frustrated, take a day or two away from working on your website to get refreshed. Think positive and believe great things will become of your website. You can do this!

Awesome advice, Natasha! What else can you share?

Turn your blog into something you enjoy doing. Don’t let it become a chore. Share your blog with friends and on your social media site. That’s where I first started seeing revenue.

An excellent point. A blog should be something you want to continue doing. I love the fact that your blog can help everyone.

It’s all about eliminating debt, building strong financial futures and helping those in need. If interested in any of the following or started a blog, I can be reached at

Thank you, Natasha! For more information, visit

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